How it Works


1.  EZ Capital gives your business an Initial Cash advance.
…..a.  At this point you will know exactly the amount of money that you are going to be paying back.

2.  A small percentage of your daily credit card sales are deducted as a repayment.
…..b.   Since it is a percentage of your sales when business is slow, you will not notice the difference since we are also paid based on your sales.
…..c.   It can take you 7 weeks, 4 months or 1 year and the amount you pay back is the same!

3.   When you have paid off your balance, everything will go back to normal and you will start receiving 100% of your sales again!

4.    And all this offered under an unsecured business loans program.

There Are No Hidden Fees Or Restrictions On How You Use The Money does not believe in restricting the business with complicated terms and conditions that usually are in the way of a startup’s success. We believe that you deserve to have a chance at your venture that’s why we offer unsecured business loans to help you.

No Matter How Much The Business Loan Is

You can now be assured of fast and easy funds, reliable services and repayment conveniences as you apply for unsecured business loans. We specialize in providing you the funding you need to get you on the cutting edge of success in the market!

So what are you waiting for? Apply now for an unsecured business loan.

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